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Dan was born into a family that grew to seven children. When he was 5, his father died from Polio leaving behind a young wife and seven children, all under thirteen. Family, faith and fortitude kept them together. All seven children went on to graduate from college, with four having advanced degrees.

Dan graduated from the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, with a Bachelors in Political Science. Later, he earned a Master’s in Public Administration specializing in Urban, State and Federal Government.

While in college, Dan was an Intern to a State Senator in Olympia.  Senator Fran Holman became a mentor and Dan learned much from him, particularly his intellectual thirst for knowledge and his Integrity. He modeled a true public servant and community leader, without ego or agenda.

Dan Matthews for Lt. Governor (R)
Dan Matthews for Lt. Governor (R)
Dan Matthews for Lt. Governor (R)

Upon graduation from college, Dan was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant  in the USAF, proceeding to USAF pilot training, during the Vietnam War. Dan was eventually assigned to fly wide-body transports, including in/out of Vietnam and SE Asia. During his Air Force service he also earned a Master’s in Public Administration from Golden Gate University, specializing in Urban, State & Federal Government.

Dan left active military service in 1979 and began his professional career flying at Northwest Airlines. He continued duty in the USAF Reserves at McChord AFB and his unit was later activated for Desert Storm (the Gulf War). Dan has flown in combat theaters in two wars.

He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, with 22 years of military service.

Jan and Dan raised their family in the Shoreline area of King County, where they grew up ... and where Dan was elected to the School Board.

Dan also coached Little League baseball, saying that he "taught 10% Baseball and 90% Character."

Dan Matthews for Lt. Governor (R)
Dan Matthews for Lt. Governor (R)
Dan Matthews for Lt. Governor (R)

Following a 31-year career at Northwest Airlines as a Senior 747 Captain, Instructor Pilot, and Examiner, Dan served for 8 years as a Boeing consultant in Pilot Instruction and Leadership. 


Dan has served on various public and private Boards and Commissions, as a  STEM Educator, 21st L.D. GOP Chair, PCO, served on the state GOP Platform Committee; founded and chaired a private non-profit, educational and patriotic organization; been a Parliamentarian, and a Church Board leader.

Dan is committed to Making a Difference!


Dan Matthews and Jan, his wife of 51 years, were both born in Seattle, graduated together from Shorecrest High School, and now live in Mukilteo.

They have four children; their spouses; and soon, 13 grandchildren. Dan believes that family is always at the heart of life and service.

Dan Matthews for Lt. Governor (R)
Dan Mathews for Lt. Governor (R)
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