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  • Support Parental Rights

  • Better Education

  • School Choice

  • STEM Emphasis

  • Affordable Living

  • Job Growth & Stable Economy

  • Lower Taxation


  • Uphold the Constitution

  • Limited Government

  • Transparency & Accountability

  • Public Safety

  • Judicial Excellence

  • Local Control

  • Defend Bill Of Rights


  • Protect Our Environment

  • Preserve All Energy Resources

  • Save Our Dams

  • Accountable Spending

  • Election Integrity

  • Economic Freedom

  • Property Rights


A Commitment to Washington State:

  • Utilizing a People First approach, Dan Matthews will defend the Rights of Citizens, Protect our children from overreach of government-maintaining the Rights of parents to have the say in their child's upbringing.

  • Public Safety is a top priority! Dan will support legislation that supports first responders, increases penatlies for repeat and violent offenders and by addressing the drug issues that create much of the crime in our communities.

  • Failing public schools must meet higher standards and Charter and private schools should be an option for more families to provide competition in order to raise the bar for all schools to benefit all children.


  • As Lt. Governor, Dan will prioritize legislation that empowers the people, lowers taxation and fees, and demands accountability for spending. He will oppose any legislation that interferes with our Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

  • The Drug Abuse and Homelessness issues must be met with long-term, proven treatment. Dan will advocate for stronger laws against drug dealing and distribution and for more options for treatment and occupational training to break the cycle of addiction and put recovering addicts on the pathway to self-reliance and productive citizens. Dan will advocate for responsible spending to address this crisis, rather than spending money on resources that are not working. 

  • Dan will stand up to the war against women's rights to fairly compete in sports, receive scholastic scholarships, their identity and rights to privacy.


Dan’s 10-Point Plan for Getting to Work – On Day 1

Working Together – Create a Citizen’s Action Strategy For Today

Wisdom for Tomorrow – Create a Comprehensive Plan For Our Future

✅ Empower & Restore the Economy = JOBS

✅ Restrain Government Growth & Intrusion

  • Cut Spending & TAXES

  • Cut Burdensome Regulations

  • Address Inefficiencies; Bureaucracy

✅ Secure the Border – NO Sanctuary !

  • Establish Immigration Sanity

  • Attack Trafficking: Human & Drug

✅ Reduce Crime & Lawlessness = Law & Order

  • Fully Fund & Equip Law Enforcement

  • Restore Qualified Immunity

✅ Compassionately Respond to Homelessness

  • Address Mental Health & Drug Crisis

✅ Unleash American Energy = Independence

  • Encourage Energy Alternatives

✅ Protect & Defend the Family

  • Pass a Parents Bill of Rights

  • Provide Education Choice

✅ Secure our Elections

  • Enhanced Voter ID

✅ Rein in Government Excesses

  • Restrain Administrative Abuses

  • Limit Government Overreach / Intrusion

  • Eliminate Fraud, Waste & Abuse

  • Audit Government continuously

✅ Protect the Environment

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